Contested Histories from El Complejo: An Anthology


The articles in “Contested Histories from El Complejo: An Anthology” discuss people’s power (poder popular), remembrance, and labour history in relation to different exchanges between Sweden and Chile. The anthology aims at unfolding the specific histories from the case of El Complejo Forestal y Maderero de Panguipulli (The Panguipulli Forestry Complex), which was Chile’s biggest and most ambitious forestry industry during the Salvador Allende period (1970–73). The anthology includes contributions by my self, Jennifer Baca, María Berríos, Claudia del Fierro, Kristian Lund, Ricardo Osvaldo Alvarado and Julia Willén. It was edited together with Julia Willén and Claudia del Fierro, as part of the project Contested Histories from El Complejo.

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