Konst i Arbete – The Anthology


Konst i Arbete, book release poster 2015. Photo Marika Troili, graphic design by Matilda Plöjel and Lisa Olausson

In the anthology Konst i Arbete (2015) seven writers investigate different positions and relationships within and between art and work. How does human and artistic values manifest themselves, in relation to economic and political ones? Is there an antagonism in between these poles? And if so, how does this antagonism relate to currents of ideas and structural changes in society, as for example the construction of the welfare state, feminism, conceptual art, industrialization and the transition to a post-industrial society?

Konst i Arbete (104 pages) was produced by Sveriges konstföreningar with support from Svenska Postkodlotteriet, and included new essays (in Swedish) by me (ed.), Bo Göranzon, Michele Masucci, Gertrud Sandqvist, Frida Sandström, Nina Svensson and an art work by Marika Troili.

The book can be bought for 100 SEK here