The History of Monstera Deliciosa


The Stone Age Room at the Swedish Museum of History in 1963. Photo © Riksantikvarieämbetets arkiv

The History of Monstera Deliciosa was developed in spring 2014, within the framework of the project Contamination of Evidence, a collaboration between Art Lab Gnesta and The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm.

The piece consisted of two photographs showing a Monstera plant at the Museum in 1943 and 1963, a Monstera plant from the history museums office, and an essay that was read out in connection to other events at the Museum. The essay discussed the museum’s ambitions to construct a linear view of history, in relation to the global history of the Monstera Deliciosa  an imported plant originating from South America. An important perspective was the metaphorical meaning of the “monster”, a creature in European cultural history, that has often marked the border between the known and the unknown, the categorized and the non categorized.

Read the essay here the-history-of-monstera-deliciosa


The History of Monstera Deliciosa, The Swedish History Museum, Stockholm 2014