The Pilgrim City


Eric Sigfrid Perssons perspektivfönster. Photo © Malmö stadsarkiv

The Pilgrim City was a performative lecture and an installation on forward/visionary and backward/reactionary movements in Malmö. In the essay From Pilgrim to Tourist – or a Short History of Identity Zygmunt Bauman compares the pilgrim’s search for inner peace and enlightenment with the modern subject’s belief in a shapable future. Bauman’s thinking, together with reflections on the film Båten (The Boat) from 1962 by Jan Troell, screened during the evening, and the architect Eric Sigfrid Persson’s invention the “picture window” (Perspektivfönster), was points of references in a talk about Malmö, nostalgia, borders, picture windows and walking across bridges.


The Pilgrim City, Signal, Malmö 2016